Welcome to Grade “2A”
Calvin Christian School

OUR SCHOOL THEME for the 2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR IS......

“Our Story in HIS-tory”

This website is designed to help you find out information
and details about life in our 2A classroom.
It will keep you informed and updated on news and events
happening within our school and class.
Newsletters, monthly memory verses and spelling lists
will be posted each week for you too.


Gleb, Elise, Abigail, Christian, Maddux, Gavin, Josiah, Isaac H.,
Aidan, Lily, Belen, Colby, Keilah, Haddon, Ryan, Ryder,
Eliana, Fiyi, Klo
é, Alexander, Benjamin, Maxwell,
Asher, Ella, Isaac, Shaelene
Mrs. Miller